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2018: A year of second places

Last blog I described 2018 till the summer holidays. I realize this was quite a positive blog, but up until the summer everything went pretty smooth. During my holiday I travelled to Sweden and Austria with family and friends. These were some great weeks after 'months of hard work'. My poker results had been way above expected and I also heard I graduated for my Bachelor degree while I was on the road. All in all nothing to complain about and I decided to take a gap year before doing a masters. In this gap year I would focus on starting my own twitch stream, improving my pokergame and travelling. It started off great, the first streams were quite busy and I managed to ship a decent tournament every stream. I knew this couldn't go on forever, but I appreciated that I ran golden right when I started my streaming journey. It's not all about results, but it makes the beginning at least a little bit less difficult. However, this turned around pretty quickly and I

2018: Moving up in stakes

Last blog I described my journey till the year 2018. Make sure to check it out first in case you haven't yet. It's a bit more non poker related than most of my blogs will be, however it's important for the full story. To recap, I ended 2017 with a roll slightly under 5K, but more importantly, with a lot of dedication to succeed in 2018. However, at this time finishing the last few months of my Bachelor had still the highest priority. Although some people say having no backup plan pushes you even further to reach your goals, and I definitely think there is some truth in this, I want to be able to do what I want in life. Getting a degree seems like a wise choice for this. Around Christmas time in 2017 I decided I wanted to become a tournament player. It's an endless debate, should I play tournaments or cashgames? For me the deciding factor was the thrill of tournaments that misses in cashgames. The thrill of a big bubble, a huge final table and of course the big bi

Young Maestro before 2018

Introduction My first blog ever, where to start? I'm a 21 year old guy from the Netherlands, online known as Maestro1908. It's possible that you know me from my streams on Twitch, social media or Unibet live events. I will now first give some background information about myself, cause in my opinion a story where the beginning misses makes no sense. Who am I? As I said earlier I'm a 21 year old Dutchie. I think it's fair to say up until this point I could have had more runbad. I'm not talking about runbad in poker here, I'm talking about life. Don't worry, this blog won't be a 'feelgood blog', but I think it's good to sometimes appreciate what you have, although you strive for more. I grew up in a nice family, perfect circumstances at home and a good bond with my family. This probably is the most important for a child. Besides that I can't complain about the country I live in. Of course there are some things that could be improved,