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Can I beat the legend Isildur?

Last blog I wrote about my trip to Unibet Open Sinaia. After that I've been to one live event in the UK, where I got 16 th for a bit over a min-cash, nothing too spectacular there. My main focus the last weeks has been the online grind. I definitely had big ups, but the bigger they come the harder they fall... Right after my last blog the scores kept coming in. Shipping tournaments on all 3 sites I was playing felt fantastic of course, but especially on the bigger sites where I was a losing player up until that point. I was convinced it was just because of a small sample size, however it's still nice when you start showing actual profit. I've enough confidence in myself that I beat every MTT on Unibet, however on the other sites I wasn't 100% sure. In the beginning of March my graphs there went from funplayer to having a decent ROI, I know the sample is still too small but nevertheless a great confidence boost. The highlights were definitely my first bink